Campaign and Technical Communications Design

Impetus Automotive supports our client programmes with a specialist Marketing Communications and Design service. Our dedicated B2B team are experts in delivering communications and campaigns to Vehicle Manufacturer’s franchised networks and their trade customers, such as Independent Motor Traders (IMTs).

We regularly interact with Dealers and their trade customers and understand their preferences in communication methods and styles, targeting what we produce appropriately. Our team’s focus on this particular niche market allows us to build efficiencies and supply a high quality but cost effective service that delivers results.

  • Campaign Materials
  • Technical & Reference
  • Brand Communications
Campaign Materials

We run a number of campaigns on behalf of clients. These support direct marketing from Vehicle Manufacturer to Dealer, Vehicle Manufacturer to IMT and Dealer to IMT. Our core strength lies in marketing Parts and Trade Parts programmes, although we have also supported other Sales and Aftersales efforts.

We produce a range of materials in different media and implement flexible solutions, from full campaigns to locally adaptable templates, in markets across the globe.

To learn more of our work, please contact us. Alternatively see below for some examples of our work.

Campaign Materials

Some of our Brand Communications Work

Focused and relevant campaigns from you to your franchised network and their trade customers

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Technical & Reference

As markets change and evolve, so to must franchised networks adapt to ensure a brand relevant and excellent customer journey. Vehicle manufacturers are constantly implementing new products, standards, processes and tools to support this evolution and communications are key to implementing and embedding sustainable change.

Impetus Automotive have extensive experience of creating internal communications and materials to support change and development within Franchised Networks. Whether you are in need of a parts catalogue, a standards manual, a how-to video or an internal communications roll-out, Impetus Automotive can support you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and find out how we can help. Some examples of our work are included below.

Technical & Reference

Examples of our Technical Communications Work

Using supportive collateral and communication tools to embed change in your franchised networks

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Brand Communications

Impetus Automotive deliver a range of resources in multiple countries, accurately branded to our client’s guidelines. These can be supplied at Client or Dealer level in support of any communication requirements. We have produced a range of materials from banners and merchandise to van livery, calendars and stickers.

Whatever your requirements we are happy to help.

Brand Communications

Examples of our brand communications work

Accurately delivering your brand message to your franchised networks and their customers

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Campaign & Technical Communications Clients

Our current communication solutions clients:

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Case Study

Case Study

Our case study on supporting the communications roll-out of Jaguar Land Rover's Global Approved Programme

Case Study - Supporting the communications roll-out of Jaguar Land Rover's global Approved programme

Supporting the communications roll out of the Jaguar Land Rover Global Approved programme. Read more >

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Chris Staincliffe

Marketing Planning Manager

Chris is responsible for producing communications and campaign materials for clients
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